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Murphy Beds Photo Gallery
New Generation of Murphy Beds - We will deliver to any location in the Northwest.  Learn more about Murphy Beds.
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Sofa Beds
Just remove the cushions from the sofa and fold the Murphy Bed down for guests.  A great way to maximize space and provide extra seating!
Starting at $3660.00
Shelves, drawers, cabinets and night stands (vertical bed)
cabinets and shelves (vertical bed)
shelves and drawers on one side (vertical bed)
shelves and cabinets on sides and top, drawers and night stand
bookshelves on side of bed (adam)
cabinets and shelves on side and top (side tilt bed)
shelves, drawers, cabinets, night stand (side tilt bed)
shelves, cabinets, desk next to bed (vertical bed)
Side Cabinet Options
POH 2013
Murphy Bunk Beds
Queen Vertical Murphy Beds are available starting at $2665.00
Side Tilt Murphy Beds are available starting at $2795.00